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I discovered that I had honey fungus in my new garden when the magnificent, mature flowering apple tree suddenly died. When I viewed the property in spring the apple was in full bloom, but by summer it had died. I didn't think I was that bad a gardener so I did a bit of research and discovered that my garden used to be an orchard with apple and cherry trees but now all but one have gone. The Honey fungus had killed them all. One of the signs of Honey fungus is the plant often puts on one final flush of flowers then dies.
I'm no authority on Honey fungus but have a keen interest so I've written a short illustrated article on my site which you might like to read

Hi! I' ve been treating my garden with Armillatox for the past three years. I am aware that it is forbidden in the EU as afungicide. However, I am desperate. This week I found a long line of honey coloured mushrooms spreading from under one of my apple trees into a flower bed. Dozens of mushrooms, at least 10 meters. So A. Is working. So what am I to do now? Can I stop using it (neighbours complain of the smell) or should I continue despite EU regulations and neighbours? Are the mushrooms a sign of the garden being cured? Or will I have the mushrooms indefinitely?

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