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Climate change is starting to affect everything we do, and will increasingly impact on everyone, so we really can't afford to 'forget it' - that's irresponsible and reckless. We can't afford to forget other stuff like resource depletion, crashing biodiversity and other forms of pollution, either.

But I tend to agree that it is perhaps being a little over-used to drive the messaging around low-carbon activities, but, on the other hand, awareness of climate and carbon are thankfully now well established in our psyches, even if we choose to try and block them out.

Ironically, Phil, given what you say, the image is actually of the wood-fired ceramic stove in the cafe at Gibson Mill, a National Trust property near Hebden Bridge. I've visited this 18th century cottom mill and written about it, and it really is an eye-opener. That was several years ago, and the NT were obviously piloting it as a model for the future (the place has no connection to the electricity grid, and uses a combination of solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, hydro-electric and wood-fired heating, with wood being sourced from the surrounding woodlands).

Burning wood is carbon neutral, meaning it releases no more carbon dioxide (CO2) when burned than it would if it were left to rot on the forest floor. Solar and hydro-electric energy is clean and renewable. Using these forms of energy all help to reduce the rising atmospheric level of CO2 which is forcing our climate systems out of balance.

Gibson Mill is well worth a visit:

Hi John

Thanks for you comment as always.

I am not suggesting we disregard threats to our climate but merely saying that if we act responsibly and adopt a 'best practise' approach - climate protection happens as a welcome by-product of our primary objective.

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