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Thanks for the notice.

Your readers, having seen your regular negative stories about how HortWeek is struggling, must be puzzled to now hear from you that we are in fact "expanding our news desk".

Gavin McEwan
Features Editor
Horticulture Week

Hi Gavin

I used the word 'expansion' because it's in your press release - it's hardly an expansion though, is it;-0) One being promoted (or is Matthew being moved?) to another title and one position being created.

As for negative stories...I'm just reporting the facts - and any fool can read from your ABC audited figures - that HW's full price subscriptions have fallen and (source HW's advertising .PDF) your traffic is a lot less than Landscape Juice.

just to add...Reed are closing down 23 trade publications - if ever there's a clue to how bad it's getting/got?

So how would you describe "one position being created"? Contraction?

Your concern for our well-being is appreciated, but really, we're doing okay.

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