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Hi Phil,

It is not fair or responsible, but probably opportunist, to do as the condems propose, that is to do away with the Agricultural wages Board.

The Board, made up of both employers and employees, set the minimum rates for Agriculture and Horticulture which affect many thousand people.

It is opportunist by the tories, since it was in the tory manifesto, and as they did not win the election, they have no mandate to remove the AWB. As far as I am aware it was not lib-dem policy.

Is this new politics, or is this back to the low skill, low wage typical tory economy?

I agree in part with Steve, whilst an optimist with regards the green status of this new government and knowing there is huge potential, I am disheartened that the cuts of well established areas which have actually helped the agricultural / horticultural / landscaping industry are in 'the pipeline' prior to actually proving any rhetoric on the issues.

I fear that those essential bodies such as the Forestry Commission, Defra etc., will suffer from cuts prior to the numerous PR strong quangos.

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