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Hi can you recommend a good product for algae build up on sandstone, i have used a mild bleach but it comes back within a few months, and i don't really want to seal it

Hi, I'm looking for advice on a small patio I'm am about to lay at home using 600 x 600 rainbow sandstone slabs that are 40mm thick and sawn with a square edge.
I've been advised to seal all faces including the sides and the underneath before laying, but am reading conflicting advice online
Worried sealing will affect the mortem and pointing bond.
Any advice greatly appreciated

Hi I am using beige sandstone for copingstone around the edge of my overflow swimming pool. I was advised by my contractor to protect the coping stone with top coating and a sealant, as sandstone, with time, may get spots or build algae from the running water, sun, and chemicals used in the swimming pool. What do you suggest I do if I am not fussy about the looks but rather the longevity of the swimming pool. Thanks.

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