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Oh yes, but just wait until Landscapers start losing work as their work that is now being done by unpaid "helpers" or workfare.

There will be uproar.

Good post phil. Predictable comment from Steve.

Sorry Dave, predictable post.

This big society is in reality a way for Government to cut services at will, leaving the country with second-rate services, run by helpers on the cheap, a sort of Car Boot Sale society. Not the best way to run a modern, civilised society.

At least it appears as a U turn by the tories, for last time that they were in power, there was no such thing as society.

It is of course a gimmick to cut services and jobs, leaving less people able to employ Landscapers and Garden Designers, or buy plants. All this, by a dork of a Prime Minister who appears from recent interviews not to know when the US actually entered WW2. Well that's private education for you, perhaps that was run by helpers?

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