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There are perfect answers for smartly using water.
I am sure I know what i say as I come from hot country with 8 month no rain at all and it is always green with lots of flowers around.

Automatic systems with a sensor using drip irrigation can save lots of water!
It is unbelievable, so many times when I finished a new garden in Israel I got a phone call saying: 'the drip irrigation does not work properly - our new plant cost lots...' Now if you do not understand the magic behind the drip irrigation - It might look like it does not work.

I than felt so lucky, as I was taught in my faculty (were drip irrigation first invented!), how does the water move in the ground with drip irrigation- and I knew that my explanation to my new customer is going to give me some credit points.

On dip hose the dripper are at distance of 30cm or more- the water (moving down into the ground) create an onion shape so in just inches in the ground they than cover the whole area. on the ground surface it does look still fairly dry.

So what it means that there are less weeds, and there is much less area of the ground that the water can evaporate and lots of water are saved.

In the uk it is wise to use a sensor that will automatically will water the garden when the soil is too or manually use the system.

Hi Carol,

These water companies have got a nerve.

No investment in their infrastructure since they were privatised, no new reserviors since they were privatised, no wonder we run out of water!!!

We were sold a pup, with this so-called share-holding democracy nonsense, it was a scam, as most utilities are now foreign owned, as the original individuals sold their shares to foreign interests for a fast buck.

As for the democracy part of share ownership, I am still waiting.....

There is no competition with water supply, you have the one local to you, and thats it. You can't really ask for the supply from North-west Water to be disconnected, and have a new supply installed from say Three Valleys Water. They are basically privatised monopolies.

Take the utilities back into public ownership, with no compensation, and let them provide a service for customers that the private sector cannot.

Hi Steve
It's a difficult one with the Water Authorities, as you say, we need them. There's a possibility to complain through OFWAT the regulatory body or the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. I think it's important if you do to discuss it on the forum as others are probably doing the same and we can share information. regards Carol

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