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Good for Elizabeth Banks to aim to get more from the media. They just look at horticulture as gardening and just entertainment at that. The coverage had been dumbed down too far and should be more imformative. It would also be great if the RHS used their position of knowledge and influence to improve the plant knowledge of the industry too, because it does need help with the training and diseminatin of plant knowledge.

I totally agree with using Latin names on the TV, - if they are not used, the common names could mean several different things, which would dumb down the content. Gardening on TV should be entertainment, but it does need to paint a real picture and teach as well.

Elizabeth Banks clearly is going to set the RHS back centuries and lose members by the wheelbarrow load. Does she really think that going back to being snobby and elitist is going to help grow the popularity of gardening and entice new people and beginner gardeners in? What an idiot.

Yet another upper class elitist RHS fool commenting about something she clearly knows nothing about.

Sounds like she's a loose cannon as clearly both the RHS and BBC press seem at odds with what she has said, and if she had watched Gardeners' World at all over the last few decades, she'd see that they always use botanical names with the common name underneath - they always have catered for both enthusiasts and beginner gardeners.

In the current climate the RHS are incredibly lucky to get the amount of coverage that they do on the BBC, particularly when it comes to Chelsea.

I'm all for people speaking their mind, but considering the amount of money that the RHS squeeze out of the BBC for such a blatant plug of their flower shows and their gardens on Gardeners' World, I think she should consider her comments first, and do some background research and get her facts correct.

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