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A question to the Daniel Thurlaw: did you know that Mr. Harrison has bankrupted himself in October?

Here's the court detail:



My apologies to Daniel Thurlaw. The name of the journalist is Carol Miers. This question is for her attention.. Would be great to find out what date it was published..


Tanya, this was first published the 6th of July 2010 and as far as I can tell Karl has not been declared bankrupted and is one of the better designers in his area of expertise.

You may wish to contact Karl on the Decking Network - which I am sure he will only be too pleased to answer any queries.

Graeme, please be advised that Mr Karl Harrison, previously a director of the above companies, was declared bankrupt at Aylesbury County Court (433) on 11 October 2011, reference BKT3432637.

His bankruptcy left a number of creditors, including HMRC and several private clients, owed tens of thousands of pounds.

From one private client he accepted £48,000 in payment and continued to trade whilst being made bankrupt. As a consequence, Mr Harrison was subject to a police investigation for fraud.

Mr Harrison continues to trade, as an employee under the company name Exterior Solutions Ltd where his wife Lana is a Director.

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