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River Piddle seems fine.

Is that from looking at it, or from the map?

I remember the first month that I moved to the uk,2007 it was 40 days of rain- and my daughter (4 at that time asked if it the flood from the bible.

It was hard to tel her no it is not and than watch the night news.

I would suggest planting eucalyptus trees.
In 1940-1950, pioneers that came to israel had to fight malaria from marsh. they than decided to plant many eucalyptus trees.

These trees are amazing as today we plant some of the in desert area to cool temp down and this trees can 'drink 40 buckets of water a day! Today these areas are many parks for families.

In The UK, I would suggest planting these trees (I have the variates names if you wish) In areas that may be flooded.

It's also said if it rains on St Swithins Day, July 15th it will rain for 40 days. It's been a bit like that at times. But what a lovely idea, because eucalyptus trees are often used for their medicinal, healing properties, I believe. I did live in a house in Bristol I think with a eucalyptus tree. How long do they take to reach maturity I wonder.
Regards, Carol

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