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We had a tweet up last week about Glee... and how it is awash with awful naff gardening products and little to do with the landscaping biz. I was there last year having designed a stand for a certain huge tool manufacturer and was astounded at the level of tat for sale! As a designer, landscaper, gardener, I would not go. I would rather watch a load of american teenagers sing Lady Gaga songs on the telly. After all that's what Glee is all about!

last time I went to GLEE (about 8 yrs ago) I was working for a large garden centre. At that time we sent most of the management team, and even then I found it full of tat, and spent the most productive time in the seminars. Was talking to an ex colleague the other day, and he said that they won't send anyone this year, as no plants, and the gifts/ sundries can be got from other shows - that's a top 10 garden centre, not sending anyone!

Well you know my feelings only too well! I have been going to trade shows for years and in diffeent industries.

You have to offer more for exhibitors and for the visitor other than bland ailes of identical mass produced 'products'.

Companies exhibit for several reasons-obviously they want to sell their products and find new customers but often they do it just for advertising. In the old days it was a way of inviting existing customers onto your stand too to see new products-you were entertained with food and drink with a personal touch.

The organisers have to appeal to all parties which is hard but can be done with the right approach.

Go for it big mouth

At the end of the day the important thing for an exhibitor or visitor to a show, is does it work?
Glee from a visitors point of view must be relevant,if the type of exhibitor they are expecting to find isn't at the show then for that criteria can't be working. As an exhibitor it is about return on investment, the amounts of money required to exhibit at Glee, are I understand considerable in stand space costs alone.
Many of the products on offer at Glee this year were similar to those on offer at the Autumn Fair held at the same venue earlier this month.
There were people there selling plants and companies offering landscaping products. Some of the landscaping proucts on offer were british and of good quality, however a lot of the quality of many products was at best indifferent, considering you usually make an effort to show the best of what you sell at these shows, it would be of concern to me to see what the normal stuff is like.
I didn't visit Petindex and went round Glee in three and a half hours, it wasn't that busy.

Being a fifth generation farmer and having just launched Ramsay's Farmers Blend at Glee. Have a look on the Glee website. I was quite amazed and shocked at how little knowledge and understanding buyers have of a core product such as fertiliser to sell in their garden centre. Having went round and looked at the analysis of other fertilizer products for sale there is not a lot of substance in many of them. I feel it is doing a bit of injustice to the buying public. Time these buyers got educated and understood the analysis of fertilisers.

How did the show work for you Neil?
Was it a worthwhile excercise or too early to tell?
I remember being aware of your stand at Glee but I wasn't looking for the type of product you were offering so didn't visit your stand, you don't need time wasters.
I think as a more general point many garden centre buyers now come from a retail background rather than having horticulture or landscaping as their core area of expertise.

oh i have just written a whole blurb on what I liked somewhere else on this site. in summary - i thought it was better than previous years - more international products - some great launches as well - if you want to explore new materials and possibilities the 100% design expo is a must - really i think the garden industry needs to integrate itself with architecture/interior design and other building products - ideas that are happening in buildings should influence gardens and visa versa - there is a need for specialist and general shows

Thanks for your comments everyone and please keep your feedback coming in.

...and if Glee worked for you then please let us know.

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