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Thanks for bringing us this Phil - intriguing stuff. I've learnt something really useful already just by clicking through. What springs to mind is a) can anyone (with a Twitter account) use it, and b) how do Paper.LI benefit?

A couple of good questions there John.

Yes, if you have a Twitter (or Facebook) account, you can create a news page from any list that you wish to compile.

It can work in three different ways.

You can create a news page from the Twitter feeds from nine separate accounts of your choice (the accounts that those accounts follow will also have their tweeted articles included in the news).

You can enter nine hashtag (for example #landscaping) and Paper.LI will collect articles that carry that tag.

Or you can create a news page from nine separate lists - this works in the same way as above.

More info here:

Paper.Li benefit because they run an advert on your mag page and get paid when a visitor to one of the many sites, created by their users, clicks on an advert.

I am guessing that one day there will be a premium version.

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