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Looks like Sassafras albidum to me... Our tree has the same mixture of leaf shapes. and

I agree it certainly looks like the sassafras picture (although I've never even heard of one before!) however I have seen the 'tree in the flesh' and the French leaves are slightly hairy and can irritate the skin, also seeming to be a much more matt texture with no shine. From memory, there also seem to be different shaped leaves on the same tree that look like lime tree and also fig leaves.

Did you mean to say has gardening *celebrities* stumped? There's quite a difference.?

Thanks for having a go Graham and Jill.

Simon Webster thinks it's a Paper Mulberry - Broussonetia papyrifera - and I think he's right (Mulberry was my instinct the first time I sawe this tree some six years ago).

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