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Really like your articles, but, being me I guess I have to take issue with a few things.

Most people I am sure if asked would love to live the "good life" but cannot mainly due to finances. No idea/can't remember the "Goods" finances or if they owned their own home, but most peoople do not.

Many people now are Home Owners, but not however outright, they still have mortgages or other loans secured on their property. If whoever has no mortgage/secured loan on their property, and savings behind them, then it is possible that this idylic lifestyle may be achievable, but that will be for a small minority, and not the vast majority.

With mortgages or secured loans making up 40-50% of income, the idea to reduce working hours by ½ sounds good, but is not practicle in the modern world.

So over-consumption, "No Sir you cannot buy your plasma TV, as advertised on TV, as we have already sold 3 in your area, and that is our quota for this year, um. Unless the source, advertising, is tackled, this is unachievable at present for it means a dramatic change from the "I want it all, and I want it now" free market.

So the "Good Life" is for those with no mortgage, no debt, all of the comforts of life already, and although many aspire to it, for most the, poor, disabled tenants, to those in debt for their house it is not achievable.

Good work John.

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