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I contacted Glee event organisers (Emap) before I published this article to ask about Hort Week's grossly misleading headline.

'This was the response from markeing manager, David Langrish: "The release we sent out (I believe you received this) focused on the increase in key visitor areas not in the total number - we lead with the heading "Glee delivers more key buyers ready to do business".

I am not sure why Hort week changed the heading?'

Who are the exhibitors at Glee? How are exhibitors chosen/approved? What are they producing, worthy, of visitors time?

Most USA landscape show exhibitors show off what they can do with stone/water/pressure treated wood/manufactured pavers/iron/outdoor kitchens/furniture & etc.

Obvious stabs at, I WANT YOUR MONEY. Not, we create beautiful landscapes that will change your life into a zone of grace no matter what life brings.

The best arts festivals have juried exhibitors. In the landscape world they accept, seemingly, ANY WARM BODY wanting to exhibit.

An attitude harmful to the industry & a waste of visitors time. Visitors are voting with their feet.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

I can't say I am surprised the show seemed quieter this year than last, although 2009 was the first time I attended Glee.
I gave my thoughts earlier on a blog

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