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And just how do all those things get to your home? How are all those things manufactured?

we would all love to kick the oil habit, but as hard as one tries it's impossible to remove oil use from the equation.

I reuse my plastic seed containers over and over. I haven't bought one in years.

You say people should have water tanks. That's wonderful I have 2 375 gallon ones in my yard and 5 55 gallon barrels. However, they are made from plastic. And had to be manufactured and had to be transported. All via the use of oil and coal.

But suppose I recycled plastic tanks and barrels, it still takes coal and oil to recycle things. Well, what about metal tanks? Also need oil and coal to manufacture and process the zinc to the metal. (this is not even taking into account their manufacture).

We all live in a viscious loop of fossel fuel use. Just look around you and try and find one single thing that wasn't made via fossil fuel. It's impossible.

"well, what about the potted plant on my desk?" Where do you get the water for the plant? From the tap? That water has to be pumped via turbines which in turn are powered by fossil fuels. I can go on and on.

Until a real energy policy is enacted and subsidies to fossil fuel corps are cut off, nothing is going to change.

We are steadly drive toward the cliff and willingly speeding up.

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