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Although I am certain that Toby Buckland and Alys Fowler are extremely highly qualified in their field and are 'darned good eggs', perhaps the Playschool gardening approach on GW will now come to an end? I hope the production team acknowledges the recent unpopular, juvenile presentation style and content and addresses this opportunity to win back the thousands of viewers who switched off. Welcome back Monty and all success.

I'm looking forward to Monty's return. The change in direction and location will be interesting and will probably spark off much debate.

I never really comment about presenters - they have a tough time of it and it's not an easy thing to do. I have had some experience being in front of a camera myself, and I wish them all well.

As for the production - well, if we don't try out new approaches to content and take a risk sometimes, it all becomes boring and stale - even if it doesn't always work out. I shall look forward to the new format...roll on spring!!

The best news this week - GW to become watchable again!

Very glad to see that Monty Don will be returning. I am one of the many viewers who has switched off due to the 'dumbed down' content of the programme. I am very much looking forward to switching on again in 2011 and to picking up some more fascinating snippets of information like I used to!

Thanks for your comments.

Looks like an overwhelming thumbs up to the Gardeners' World changes then.

Good news that Monty Don is returning to GW in his own garden.
I feel sorry for the old presenters particularly Toby Buckland, as he'll carry the can when it's not really his fault.
GW lost its way when the programme moved to Greenacre with a huge budget. This move conceived in the excesses of the noughties became increasingly irrelevent as the credit crunch took hold. The fact that it was not a real garden but a TV set meant it lost its soul and with it the spirit of ingenuity epitomised by Geoff Hamilton's home made cardboard box propagator.
I look forward to seeing GW becoming compulsory Friday night viewing again.

It's not quite the season for gardening here, but I have to say I'm intrigued by this show and would like to check it out. I've had some very unambitious gardening goals the past few years which always peter out.

I agree that everything that was done at this location was beyond the remit of most gardeners.

It seemed to have lost the Ethos of Geoff Hamilton, show the cheap home-made version, then the expensive one.

I am so pleased that Monty Don is returning.

P.S. Can you please get BBC Wales to show it as the rest of the country?

I have worked with Monty Don and have first hand experience of his intensely patroninsing manner. I found him ignorant, arroagant, insufferably smug and unable to listen. It was his way or the highway, he has very limited experience or intelligence but presents himself as an expert. He gives terrible advice and anyone who challenges him is dismissed and humiliated. He is very limited and I cannot see why we the tax payer should pay for him to swan around his own garden, GET HIM OFF OUR SCREENS!!!

It is the persona that's projected on to our screens which is the most important as far as television is concerned. If aspects of people's true personality came across to the audience, I don't think that many would survive, if any.

We all have our faults and weaknesses, and we engage with some people better than others. Having worked at the BBC for 27 years (I left a year ago)I know that some television personalities can be difficult, but as long as they can engage with the audience then they are fulfilling that role.

I am not challenging what you say, as I have never met or worked with Monty Don, but if such bad advice is given on a regular basis, I am sure this will soon become apparent.

The BBC has a dichotomy whereby cooking programmes are presented by chefs recognised by their peer group as expert.
The gardening side is not so well served and frequently contradictory or poorly researched through presenters,some of whom,would not be considered expert by their peer group.Other than broadcasting peers that is!
Gardening,BBC style,has become agenda lead and I perceive some presenters as zeolots that over complicate the simple pleasures of gardening!
Where is the gentleness and escapism that epitomises the small patch of land that many take so much pride in?
The public have done a huge service to biodiversity but all they get is"could do better".

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