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Snowdrops - why, of course we've seen them earlier! The first in my garden, in Lincolnshire, UK, flowers in October, without the leaves. It's a variety of Galanthus reginae-olgae, native to Greece. THere's a reference to it here:

There's a variety called 'Three Kings' - not in my garden, alas - which flowers at Christmas.

My garden usually has one variety of Galanthus elwesii in colour between CHristmas Day and New YEar's day. But not this year. If the freeze up continues, none of the winter snowdrops will show until it all melts.

Nice picture - I haven't a clue what variety that is but no doubt someone will tell you.

Earliest one I have seen in my area is Nov 14th. A friend bought some from Bank Hall Lancs last year and put them in a pot in her garden, she called me last week to say one was in flower and had been flowering since the 14th, I went to take some pics but they haven't turned out too well as it was going dark and the petals are closed. Will wait for a fine day and hopefully get some better pics.

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