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I agree Mark will be a great chairman for the APL I think he is very dynamic and it is a good appointment.

I would say that by saying ALL they mean APL members.

The APL have very strict rules and terms for membership, which get tougher each year. Our last annual inspection was very thorough, much more than the last. From what I can gather the APL do not just judge on quality of workmanship but also by proper conduct of business. By carrying out strict checks on prospective members and carrying out these checks annually on current members can only be a good thing? So people thinking of joining the APL should have no worries about getting accepted as long as they run their business correctly and they carry out their work to a high standard.

So I would say in this case that yes it should be up to a few people to decide our 'fate' to keep the good reputation of the APL. If it was to be an open association yes there would be lots of good people join but at the same time there would be people who would use the reputation to their advantage and in turn that would filter down to potential clients who would might not get the confidence in choosing an APL member they might get if they knew about the checks that are carried out for membership. Agreeing to a code of conduct only is not enough to many people. So I do not believe they would ever become an open association.

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