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I am looking for anyone who has had an eco home built by Trudy Thompson for a story I'm writing if you could reply on this forum that would be great

Hi Gareth,
I would like to see a copy of your article- could you email it to me. [email protected]
Kind regards,
Simon Andrews

Good morning Simon thanks for the reply

The article will be published in the new year, possibley sooner the article has arisen out of a due diligence project carried out for an investor and at this time their needs have priority. And there is more research ongoing if you can help that would be great


Hi Gareth I suggest you contact me. Peter Wilson

What a load of self aggrandising nonsense this article is. Trudy Thompson has left a trail of debt and misery in Tywardreath, Cornwall and anyone reading this article should look at Facebook at the page called Tywardreath Village Shop Forum for Pledgers and other interested Parties to get another view of Ms Thompson’s ‘achievements’.

Where is the evidence, is there any substance to this woman at all?

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