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As they say:

Anyone loves gardens... not everyone loves gardening.

Could there be any more cliches in one article ?
After a lifetime in the industry, I relate to none of it. As a Landscaper, (mainly), I feel no better than a gardener, (never even entered my mind), and certainly no worse than a designer.
If someone feels better or worse than someone else, it says more about them as a person than about people around them.
If I met a gardener who felt inferior to me I would consider it their problem, similarly, if a designer wants to feel superior in some way, get on with it for all I'd care.
The Video clip is from the 60's and that says it all in my opinion.

Well I've read similar articles before, and I must be lucky because I've never experienced any of these attitudes. I am a gardener and garden designer so I'm not sure where I fit in to this scenario! Do I look up to myself, or do I look down on myself?

I happen to work with a great team of landscapers. We respect each others' craft and skills and we will often discuss the practicality of a design or ask each other questions.

It's not only gardens we have in common, but clients too. Our common goal is to create practical, inspiring, beautiful spaces for people to enjoy.

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