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An interesting article. Would like to know more about the problems that are related to Microsoft and software and your thoughts on the new storage devices SSD which are slowing increasing in size.

Sorry to be slow to respond, I have been away in Iceland. The main concern that I was expressing in this was the very real problem that digital files dating between 1985 and now will have in the future if they aren't looked at closely now. Backup systems have come and gone, new operating systems, such as Windows 7 and the wonders of Vista ;) have trampled on the chances of some of the older software running on modern machinery. Databases suffer enormously from this problem, but there are other softwares that had limited export capability and the products from them are also likely to be at risk. My own experience with Novell Netware and Cheyenne Arcserve is very far from unique in a server environment. As far as modern backup systems are concerned, then I would always look at media that have higher capacity, but with an eye on their viability. I heard at the weekend of a DVD compatible media that is due out that uses different writing technology, which might mean a life of approximately 1,000 years, which would be very good news in archival terms apart from the limited capacity of 4GB or 8 if doubled. We need to look at being able to access the data, but far more importantly we need to be able to READ it!

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