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I wish he had gone to specsavers

i dare you to prune round my butt!

you could of chosen a better style...

I can't believe you would do this to your best friend

Is Bruce thinking "oh my god, one minute there's two of us sitting here the next minute one's squashed right next to me."

Stu- I said a cut and blow dry, not a Chelsea Chop!

Brunce is saying to Stuart "Are you going to try that agai?!"

you can buy garden fleece you know!

Heh heh today the garden paving, tomorrow the world!

im a party animal and thats what i call the hair of the dog

Whew, that was a close shave!

Fancy a Lionel Blair haircut like mine?

Wow, I feel lighter already

Any chance you could cut my hair next?

I'm up for a haircut as much as the next dog Stu, but mate did you have to do it in mid december....

Stu should have bought a poodle if he objects to me malting a little

i knew he liked topiary but this is ridiculous.

"Don't you dare stuff another cushion with that because that's just creepy!"

To think, some people have to diet for months to loose that much weight!

Well! That's a weight off my mind

I hope they have finished

There goes a time when even the canine fraternity do their bit for global warming....!

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