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This is a great article! Thank you -it's actually a massive help for fixing the fence in the interim of getting a new one! In terms of where to find the right fence though I do have a few questions for people! The thing is for years I've had the same fence in my garden - it's a classic wooden one - nothing particularly special - it did the job of providing some privacy to the garden and that was pretty much it. But a couple of months ago we got our new dog Maxie. We love Maxie to pieces, but I think all of us would admit he can be a bit of tinker to say the least! Needless to say after a few weeks in the garden, the fence has been burrowed under and jumped over a multitude of times! We really need to invest in a new fence that is both going to look nice but which will also help keep our little tinker in the garden! Have anyone got any suggestions for where we can get this type of fencing? I saw an article in the paper the other day for Park Lane Fencing has anyone heard of them? We're based in the Birmingham area so we really need someone within the nearby vicinity, hence why I thought they might be a good option. Does anyone have any recommendations or are we best going for Park Lane? Any suggestions people could offer would be amazing as it's fair to say fencing isn't exactly my area of expertise!

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