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Well done to you in 2011 Phil, and also I would like to say that it is a brave and wise man indeed who can put aside ambition in order to survive.

I respect you enormously for making this decision.

Having said that, you can be assured of my continuing support on Landscape Juice, and will be more than happy to support a Creating Landscapes show in the future.

Thank you Gaynor and thanks you for your support of the show:)

The show was a great learning curve and we'll look at new ways to get together.

For a one man to create a show that compete with massive ones - It was very impressive and well done.

True at this dates and time even the 'Big ones' seems to be getting much smaller- and I am not sure how profitable they are if at all.

On the other hand you created a massive network of contact in the industry, yet it seems to be growing.
I am sure that with your energies, enthusiasm, and talent you will use it in even better ways.

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