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Looking at my bank statements, a large proportion of my wage went to Tesco last year.

My news years resolution has been not to enter a Tesco store this year.

I grow organic vegetables on my allotment and have pledged to take my children to the market every saturday morning to shop for in season fruit and vegetables.

I may need just a bottle of milk and loaf of bread but actually walk out of a Tesco store with half a trolley full of stuff I really didn't need.

As a consumer I once hunted for bargains in tesco and thought that was wise. I feel it's actually wiser to avoid the store altogether and shop locally and support the shopkeeper and market trader.

I hate how Tesco stores on every corner of our town have ruined our village centre and ripped the soul out of our quaint community.

Just my personal view but make me feel much better.

I hate tesco

Rotten fruit and veg ,kept in chillers for god knows how long then rots away after a day when you get it home . Stressed out staff and miserable atmosphere.

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