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Can't say I'm surprised at this the book has been flagging for a number of years. It's just not cost effective for small business to go in there anymore. I'm sure the online offer is much better. Don't people just use google now to find a business rather than google to find yellow pages to then find the business.

I used to use the yellow pages quite a lot but for the last few years i have not even taken it out of its wrapper! In view of this it is no suprise to me that they are doing so badly. However, i have signed up for a free business listing on for SEO more than anything. If it brings any work in then that is a bonus. I am just waiting for the phone to ring now, with them hassling me to take out paid listings and a website.

This is horrible for me I use the yellow pages

Why do they keep offering me a first page ranking website when i have that already!!! All built myself after doing a short course in website design at a local college. Think they might be starting to loose there focus. How can they justify £300 for a years advert in a single entry book? at least with the local paper it is printed one a week for every year.

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