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Same issue has changed our trade groups. Educating officials about the $$$$$ horticulture & collateral trades provide the state.

Who knew gardening had to go political? But it's kept the water running. With restrictions of course.

A win-win.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Thanks for commenting Tara

Let's hope the British government sees it that way too.

We are writing an open letter to the water companies through the Landscape Juice network.

What I find annoying with the hosepipe ban imposed by Thames water, is that some industries are still allowed to use hose pipes (window cleaning and car valeting) and, although I don't want any industry to suffer, surely it is easier to wash windows and cars with buckets and cloths than it is to establish lawns with a watering can!
Worse still, lorries buses and trains can be washed with hosepipes, even though it is hardly important to have a clean vehicle to transport goods, or even people!
Landscapers and work hard to improve the environment, and lawns and beds help prevent the run off of water to drains (something the water companies have been advocating for years)
Yes we do need the preserve water, but lets have dirty lorries and buses before we put environmentally friendly businesses in jeopardy!

Malcolm Clark

Yet another pointless attack Phil, the people at the hta have worked hard lobbying the government, and to get water companies to allow drip irrigation is a great achievement. Who else has made such effort and succeeded?

I know for a fact many members of the HTA have a vast knowledge in horticulture, from landscapers to growers. So maybe facts should be checked before publishing.

Thanks for commenting Paul.

You've not considered the points I've made.

As a landscaper, are you happy that it's taken six years for the HTA to claim success for getting a drip irrigation concession for some areas of the country?

It's important that we now have the opportunity to lobby the water companies openly rather than rely on what the HTA tell us.

Much more than just the drip feed allowance has happened in the last 6 years, removal of the blanket ban for example. The HTA and the TGA have been working closely and due to their hard work they have successfully got this 28 day relief period for newly laid turf. Have LJN approached every water company directly as well as asking its members to approach them as well?

The HTA and APL have been very informative. Telling it's members what the rules are and where they apply to. Emails have been sent to members with a template to send to their local water authority. The tweet might not have been sent in time with the release of the emails and to be honest with you I think that's irrelivent.

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