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The Landscaping, Arboricultural and Horticultural industries, the industries that can help mitigate against future droughts, which there will be, by ensuring grass and trees and plants will survive that prevent surface soil panning which would increase the effect of drought on water supply, must be given licence to water new growth that has been carried out due to development. The water companies should have invested into research re this, they should have already sat around a table with industry representatives to plan for this and there should have been governmental intervention to ensure all in the industry are aware of any and all methods to mitigate.

I am totally in favour of stopping the hose pipe ban on companies whose livlihood depends on any sort of garden business. I agree that the water companies should have invested into research and planned ahead so we do not have to have hose pipe bans - this has been going on for years - are they incapable? It is not that long ago since we were being urged to plant a tree to help the environment - what is the point if we cannot water the trees to get them established? I have all ready lost one tree during the last hose pipe ban, so I am not very happy in helping the environment at the moment - but then neither are the Water Authorities, are they?

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