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I am a proffesional gardener but i think this is silly. there is a draught! farmers are more inportant than gardens... surely!!

Laura - The garden landscape and green urban infrastructure is as important as agricultural land. We now have established research to prove this is the case and if the hosepipe ban is not sensibly managed with exemptions to ensure that green space, particularly new planting post development, can establish then the knock on affect will be enormous. I am 100% behind the LJN championing of this issue and do not mistake this as just a drought - without serious and prolonged rainfall this is likely to be the most catastrophic to trees and plants, which are facing monumental other threats, ever seen in Britain.

Historic trees of Atlanta, GA are dying daily. Taking shade, pollinators, natural habitat, & watershed management with them.

Less shade more air-conditioning. More electricity, more oil. Less watershed, more water down the river & out of Atlanta. So, dear Laura, trees are important.

Why? Water bans in past years.

Industry trade groups changed their historic focus and have become political. The water bans turned into water restrictions.

Best of luck.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

what is the law on watering newly laid turf, i have a 700 sq mtr job to do in 2 weeks time, as a landscaper am i allowed to water this


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