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A rogue trader is not a landscaper though but to the eyes of some members of the general public they sure look like experienced professionals. That is why they still get away with what they do. The chap in BBC Rogue Traders had over 50 complaints against him to trading standards and nothing was really being done about it. If we can get just one of these rogues behind bars or at least make the public aware of their rip off tactics then that can only be a good thing.

To say Mark is more concerned about his media career than promoting the landscape industry is rediculous. If you saw how hard he works even you Phil would feel slightly guilty about that that statement.


At Landscape Juice I have gone to great pains to point out to the consumer ways of choosing the right person or firm to carry out their landscaping project.

A consumer who employs a rogue trader just hasn't done enough homework I'm afraid. The APL shouldn't be concerned about rogue traders IMO.

BTW no one's called into question Mark Gregory's work ethic.

I question the 'promotion of the landscape industry' that Mark Gregory, The HTA, APL or BALI and any others carry out. Yes rogue traders are a massive problem dealt with by the BBC and others for 'entertainment' and Mark and others are dragged along with it under the guise of 'promotion' whilst in fact it is just promoting their own businesses designed to make money from smaller businesses who REALLY NEED HELP AT THE MOMENT! I have not renewed my APL memebership and do not plan to support anymore trade assistance schemes in whatever form because they have achieved nothing at all.

At the end of the day we are reliant on our customers to trust us as individual businesses and this needs no stamp of approval or online reference.

Phil you have changed the first two paragraphs of the blog, again! You did this on another post I commented on once before!

To prove this point George who has just replied to this post quotes what was said and it's now not there!

There's more than a touch or sickly irony that this piece with Mark Gregory is telling potential clients to do their research and learn as much about the contractor before hiring him...all while completely hidden and disguised!

I think it's just a matter of time before members realise the committee are getting all this free publicity at their expense and kick them off or leave and let the organisation fade away.

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