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Do you realize USA copies the pattern of Chelsea? As if it were a holy grail.

Would love to see gardens done with constraints. 10 designers, same amount of space, $5,000 max to spend. Judging to include ease of ongoing maintenance.

And then the Victorian garden writing about Chelsea, and other garden shows. Disgusting.

Movie critic, arts critic, music critic are all common terms. Where is the garden critic?

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Tara what you describe sounds similar to the Chaumont Sur Loire Garden Festival, which is international, has a set budget of 5000 euros and limited places. I am unsure whether the gardens are even judged? merely selected with a strong emphasis on sustainability. It is also open for several months.

I cannot comment on whether garden critics are needed, except when for a public project, when far too often the voice of public is not included - which is wrong.

Nicky Patterson's blog was excellent and opened my eyes. And as such with a new need to integrate those from across the industry in order to find a voice which can help in furthering Sustainable Development, it is quite clear that Chelsea is not part of the answer at all and even further creates a polarisation which is damaging the industry and has damaged the environment.

Tara - Chelsea Fringe seems like a far more exciting event than the quasi-corporate delivery we have been thus far exposed to; and in my mind the concept of Chelsea Fringe truly encapsulates the concept of gardening and creating practical outdoor spaces for PEOPLE live in, harvest, relax and socialise.

Pip - (firstly thanks for the compliment!) - you have highlighted another fantastic and truly inspirational event (that I was previously unaware of); it seems perverse that there is less awareness (in the UK at least) for The International Garden festival than there is for RHS Chelsea(in its current form).

I hope that the RHS become aware of the particular direction that some of their shows have taken and seek to redress the issue: of course we want to see fantastical and inspirational creations; but the general diaspora of industry practitioners also need to feel at liberty to identify with, and therefore harbour affinity with these grand, centre-piece shows; and furthermore the general public need to know (and understand) what is both possible and ethical; thus developing responsible aspirations on how to develop their land and gardens.

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