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This is fantastic news. Well done for keeping up the pressure.
Davina Turner

Excellent news! Is it just Thames Water (as reported on the BBC news) or have other water companies followed suit? Just checked the HTA website but can't find any up-to-date info; their newsletter seems to suggest that all water companies now implementing same exemptions, but nothing on some individual websites to indicate a change in policy yet? For example, Anglian seems to have updated their site but Veolia not. Does anyone have a definitive answer? Given former confusion, with water company employees saying different things to landscape professionals, think it's best to be absolutely sure before we crack open the champagne/let all our customers know the good news. That said, it's all going in the right direction and well done to Phil and everyone else who has been campaigning for this change.

I've just spoken to Veolia and they confirmed to me that this exemption is not in the areas covered by them.

Thanks for the update Kristy

Further update.

The lady I spoke with at Veolia has just called me back to say she has just received an email detailing the 28 day exemption. Excellent news.

Looks like it's all 7 companies now - link to HortWeek news here

Hurrah! Need to issue our clients with a letter confirming the date of planting/laying turf, so they can show it to their water company or the doubting neighbours....

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