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I bought just under 700 roles for a job two weeks ago and the quality was very good and consistent. I've bought from a number of suppliers over the years and I'm yet to have a bad delivery from Rolawn.

While I don't doubt what my colleagues are saying, I can say that I'm entirely happy with the quality of the product supplied and the service is also excellent.

Thanks for your comment iplantsman. Feel free to send me a photo and I'd happily attach it to the foot of this post.

We usually use Rolawn and the quality is fine. We had a problem about 12 years ago which was undeniably Rolawns to sort out and they did dig their heels in hard. We won in the end but it took a while for me to start using them again.

This weatehr can have a profound effect on the growing fields. if it rains hard or floods after seeding then the seed gets washed around which can make for some variable turf.

I visited Q-Lawns farm in Norfolk a couple of weeks ago and saw the turf on their growing fields. Have to say it was immaculate. To the point where I am seriously considering swapping supplier. I'll send a photo to Phil for attcahment to this post (if that's OK Phil?!).

All best,

Rolawn would like to thank the Landscape Juice Network contributors for their feedback on turf quality. We wish to point out that nothing has changed within Rolawn company philosophy which upholds turf quality as one of the key priorities. We take all customer issues seriously especially those concerned with quality, and as a result we investigate each and every one.

To demonstrate our efforts in not just maintaining consistent quality standards but improving on them, Rolawn would like to invite Landscape Juice or any of the members to come and visit our York based turf fields. We have always believed this is the most effective way for customers to see what we put in to producing our turf.

We invite any customer who wishes to arrange a visit or wants us to look into an issue to contact a member of our customer services team on 0845 604 6085 or email

we at Royce Turf don't use Rolawn but of course the weather is going to affect the condition of the turf and they probably cut it thinner so that it wasn't so heavy, they have always used netting.
We use county turf from Lincoln not only do we get fantastic quality turf but a very good service before and after ordering.

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