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Wow, what a great idea. They dry within 12 hours? How long before you can use them usually?

Where is the video?

I think this is a great idea, especially in times when money is hard to come by.

Providing your need on your own way is definitely a wise step, like creating your own paving stones, its not just about the money that we can save, it is also about the sureness of its high quality that made based on our performance.

so u dont have to put any stones in with the sand n cement

how do u lay a foundation on salty land,do i need wire mesh,also do u put dampcourse on top so the block underneath n the block over that one do not touch each other,will the blocks still stick to each other

Fantastic. You have given me, in a single page and short, no-nonsense video, the answer to many questions I had that no other could give me. Thank you.

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