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As Commercial Director of Pavestone, I would like to share with interested members of Landscape Juice the news that Pavestone will almost certainly post a reasonable profit in 2012. The soon to be filed 2011 accounts also will demonstrate a return to profit bought about through tight overhead control and a focus on developing products that have robust sales in the current economical climate. Current 2012 trading is +15% YTD and we have opened a second new factory to meet the demand for our concrete products. I hope this answers your question Philip?

Jon Layton
Commercial Director
Pavestone UK Limited

That's great Jon, thanks.

I think it's important that companies like Pavestone (and Brett) do update the market regularly on how business is going.

This is the only way we can all make informed decisions on how our industry is performing as a whole and plan for the future.

As a director of Pavestone I'm sure you'd agree that the businesses who buy Pavestone products are entitled to know how the business they patronise are fairing?

Thanks again.


Does anyone know where I can buy Taxus x media Tauntonii at about 3ft tall? I'm really struggling. Need about ten for a low hedge on a shady site. All pointers gratefully recieved!! Thanks, Angus

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