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Allotments are a micro-world of jealousies and competition. It is vexatious to know an allotment is under-used when the waiting lists (in Greenwich) have been closed - the wait became pointless, decades. There are those who have grown too old to work effectivly who enjoy some sympathy; those with no idea who spread potato blight; and those with vast, shiny vegetable crops. It takes all sorts. The only stipulation in my tenancy agreement is to 'keep the allotment under cultivation'. I hear that other Councils (eg Bexley) do helpful things like deliver manure. A bit of advice and encouragement might have avoided this conflict. Of course you can grow more than eleven dwarf fruit trees! I have lost as many amongst the Jerusalem Artichokes... If I were a council officer, I would give a 12month 'improvement notice' with different sources of help. We have an allotment representative who is a goldmine, for example.

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