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Good Article. Fake lawns work best in confined areas where they get a lot of ware and tear. For example London gardens where you have poor draining clay soil and young children who want to play outside.

Its not economical for most private clients to use very large areas of artificial lawn but you can reduce maintenance cost but using rough grass areas and just cutting the edges to keep the site looking tidy and maintained.

I live in Callifornia where we go without rain for more than 6 to 7 months at a time.
Artificial turf can prove to be the smartest choice once long term costs, energy usage , functionability and the environmental site specific considerations are fully analyzed.
As with most products, moderation is usually key.
It's a benefit in my area of the world to have the choice.

Thanks for your comment Duncan.
I totally concur with your view.

Hi Michelle

I totally agree it makes sense to use artificial grass in areas it is not practical and economical to try to maintain real grass.

Synthetic grass is perfect for families on temperate zones who have ball-playing children and dogs. They result in destroyed real grass, dis-heartened owners and dismal-looking, muddy gardens. The ideal would be artificial grass which supports soil mycofungi, micro- and macro-biology.

Considered by some to be environmentally friendly because of the reduced need for water and fertilizer as well as reduced lawnmower emissions, artificial grass is gaining popularity around the United States. Installing the turf is difficult, however, and a perfectly fitted lawn requires specialized tools and knowledge. Professional fitters exist in every state and may be recognized by several authoritative bodies; you should only use a company that has good reviews and offers a money-back guarantee.

I have succumbed to fake grass to my rear decked area that covers my Koi pond filters, it is the best thing i have done, looks great, no maintenance...the one downside is when the dog tries to dig it up and the look of bewilderment on his face when he gets nowhere is worth its weight in gold. I am a convert for the low maintenance and all year round good looks side of things.

A really interesting post, there are a lot of pros to getting synthetic grass. Although a lot of people don't like to idea of synthetic grass because they think that real grass is better, it really does depend on what you are using it for. Like you have said there is a lot less maintenance needed and there is no mud and it always look green, it is definitely worth looking into getting.

Its going to be around for a long so might as well get used to it

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