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It's a good shout, but do bear in mind the possibility that a newspaper might occasionally embellish or even fabricate a human interest story. The Daily Mail would never, ever do this, of course.

It is worth pointing out there is no shame in failing in business. Everyone is doing it! If 'Marko' is one of the elite people who've launched their own business, I'll happily pay his dole while he waits for the next idea, and I hope he would do the same for me. Don't believe what you see on telly and read in the management schools. You need luck to run a business. Take some of that tax you paid all those years, and come back smarter and... good luck!

Thanks for your comment Angus.

Indeed Marko might not exist.

For Marko yo can use Jane or Zoe, Fred or Simon. My article was a subliminal call to anyone in our industry who might be in need.

All the best


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