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I cant believe that you are scolding the poor souls that have fell for this ?? How about having a rant at the two timing up to no good full time criminal scammers that are as always behind this sort of junk !! Not the honest naive people that fall for it ??

It baffles me every day how people fall for such obvious scams. It couldn't be more blindingly blatant if it said it was from the Bank of Nigeria.

Even though I consider myself quite tech savvy, I confess I fell prey to the first message many months ago when I reacted blindly to a direct message from a long-lost friend who I thought was trying to get in touch with me. I immediately realized what went on and changed my twitter password in the next few minutes.

What I didn't realize was that I had to remember the password I'd used then. Last week I rotated passwords among my accounts and inadvertently set my twitter password back to the old one and then, lo and behold!

The lesson from this: IMMEDIATELY INCINERATE COMPROMISED PASSWORDS AND NEVER USE THEM ANYWHERE AGAIN (Save them in a file of "Good passwords that have been badded" if you must)


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