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Another plant issue, again LJN is wrong.

To qoute LJN "It's clear that plant passports are a waste of time and it's clear we cannot control what crosses our borders, in fact, reading the Fera advisory on plant passports, they say there are no checks carried out at border crossing but only a once a year inspection at the place of plant production. Although they do say spot checks can take place at any time."

In fact and reality, twice a year inspections at Growers for which we as Growers pay for. This has been the case for many years.

Importing plants from China last year, held up by FERA for 10 days at Southampton docks, fact! LJN wrong again?

"In my view only plants grown from stock already in the UK should be planted in the UK", says LJN.

LJN says, "But let's not stop there. The landscape industry must start supporting smaller nurseries within a reasonable distance of operating bases."

So no Buxus topiary in the UK, since 90%+ is imported from Holland and Belgium into the UK.

So no 30 litre+ plants in the UK, according to LJN, since these are imported from France, Holland, Spain & Italy.

This small minded "English" approach, whilst based in France, will never wash with UK Growers.

Thanks for your comment Tina.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how this all pans out for the future.

I had a customer from US Asking me to send him an olive tree from Israel- He was willing to pay any price for it - but I just could not get the right paper work for it...

As a student , one of my friends was to make sure no plants coming in to israel, you may laugh but if you had a sandwich with cucumber -it had to taken from you ....

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