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First congratulations on your epic achievement. Amazing levels of awareness raised for Perennial and I'm sure for inspiring others.

This Gold Membership thing - I don't think there is an issue here. Patently some on the network have contributed and supported over a long period of time and it's up to you how you reward that loyalty.

I am a bit concerned that this is an outlet for the member who expressed their alternative views. From a recent post and from her replies to the thread in question it looks like there's a lot going on in that ladys life at the moment and not all of it is good.

The member is question has been with the network for a long time and has contributed hugely with some great posts (over 700 discussions contributed to) and a unique perspective from accross the pond. I can't see anybody from the network picking up on her mention of being in hospital supporting a loved one and sending her their thoughts and support.

Things aint always what they seem.

I think the gold star thing is just a bit in bad taste. It's something teachers give to children. on here it creates a 'them and us' feeling as any time someone discusses something or sends a message on chat there is an image of their face with a gold star/member award. There is also a lot of help and support going on behind the scenes which doesn't get recognised.

I expect those with gold member awards will feel inspired to input more and more now, but those who don't may be a bit put off from taking part in future.

I personally think a more discreet 'thanks' would be better, perhaps only viewable from the member's profile page.

I do agree with what the main protagonist against this form of award was saying - her points were incredibly valid. Yes the recipients have done a lot, but so have many others and this image on profile pictures is just a bit 'in your face'. Are those without one meant to assume you feel they have not done as much?

seeing as it caused so much unrest with certain forum members I asked Phil to remove the "GOLD MEMBER" text from my profile photo, having it or not wont make any difference to the support I give for Phil and the forum

so moving on the something interesting eh . . . . .

I'm sorry you were forced into that decision Mick. As I have posted on LJN forum in response to the negative comments on the members being recognized, I think it's a case of sour grapes from the instigators of the posts and the subsequent OP's posted. For goodness sake it was a thank you from the owner of the LJN association, Phil Voice. I don't get what all the fuss was about. The members "Golded" have earned it as far I'm concerned (yes I'm one of them), I have helped countless members of this site and pushed the boat out for Mowerthon, the gross insults leveled at us was pathetic and the members who posted up the slander and lies about us (you know who you are), well you CAN KISS MY A@#.

I would just like to say that my view is that if you give someone a higher 'status' than others then unless there is clear criteria for that status then it is quite understandable that it causes some comment, its human nature! I've received some absolutely invaluable help from a couple of members, one of them a gold member, one of them not!
Phil wanted to thank people who clearly helped him, but perhaps in hindsight and he hints this in the comments about maybe he could have done it differently.That is no criticism of him or any gold member, I hasten to add. I can't recall exactly what was said but from what I recall any criticism was only around the method of thanks not the thanks itself nor was any member insulted unless my memory is at fault? The written word is always open to different interpratation of course - that is a weakness but one that is common to all forums.
I think Dan and Dave have both put together very reasonable comments which should perhaps be seen as representing an alternate point of view. No rights or wrongs just an alternate view point.
Surely the most important thing is than LJN goes from strength to strength and that everyone tries to get on with helping each other as best they can. All the best to everyone on LJN.

Jenny your memory is at fault, we were publicly berated and insulted by the two members. One on facebook and other on LJN. IF you read Phils comments above he states that. " nor did they buy it, as has been suggested".

I'm afraid I can no longer find the facebook post and it would probably take me most of Friday evening going through all the posts on LJN! I'm sure that even if things did get fraught that no one intended to insult individual members even if that how it seemed. I know how hard Brian you worked to help Phil on the Mowerthon from reading the posts, and I know other members were recognised for that and a variety of other things.
All the best, and have a good evening.

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