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It is difficult to ge a decent return on the investment required to exhibit at shows.
At the moment for us the internet is the best route to market, it has not always been the case will not always be the case but at the moment it is.

Seems it was Brintex who pulled the plug:

When do we know if a show has had its day?

Certainly shows come and go. We do extensive research on our exhibitors and visitors, and although you can sometimes cure negativity, it’s a good indicator of a show’s health. You also find selling something becomes harder and more time consuming, and starts making less financial sense. That was certainly the case with our lingerie shows, on which we lost money in our last two editions. Things have also popped up and we’d try it.

In 2008 for instance, we started talking to the British Association of Landscape Industries, which was keen to have a show for members. I refused to launch the show when there was a recession going on, but we decided to give it a go in 2011. It didn’t wash its face but was quite well received, so we tried again in 2012 and doubled the size of the show, but the visitor attendance was lamentable.

Fortunately it brought us to the attention of the Institute of Groundsmanship, which wanted to change the management of its Saltex show. In turn that has attracted the attention of another body, which is considering us because we can handle an event of that scale.

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