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nothing personal of course, but this post is really waist of time- to get a title - looks like it mention a problem of too many trees - but than explain that the problem is not with the quantity is what people are doing with the trees - nothing here is new.

And all it say is what we know as you need to know what to plant and where ...

Also it sounds like many blame the importer of trees and plants - but if want to stop that ( same with fruit ) all needed is to encourage farmer to grow in competetive ways.

As someone that manage a large nursery told me 5 years ago we can not grow here in the UK because we are not effecient ". I can not understand or take that - only wether you can not change .

Same as the fact that apples in the supermarket are coming from new zealand even that they can grow here (shropshire nearly wild).

Is there budget for innovation and reaserch in horticulture ? Is that enough?

Are there farmers intrested in that information?

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