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You have a point but there are a few who do fight for the industry such as Alan Titchmarsh who will stick his neck out to support campaigns and Chris Beardshaw who continues to do a lot in education and training. Sponsors putting up tens and hundreds of thousands of pounds for show gardens will also try and maximise the impact of their spend and thats just good marketing.
Yes there is a celibritocracy of gardeners and designers with publicists just like in other professions but please don't tar every celebrity with the same brush.

In USA the celebrity gardeners are part of the failure of the many 'flower shows'.

What had been great garden lectures became, meet-the-celebrity. No one learned anything. People quit coming.

Over the top garden displays were at fault too. Most paying attendees were 'regular' people.

Most USA gardeners are women yet the celebrity gardeners endorsed by business are men.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Chris beardshaw seems to be one of them his work at chelsea last year was amazing, there must be others not sure who though! Agree with you Phil, I dislike the whole PR and designer thing having been right in the middle of it all a couple of times at shows. I personally will have nothing to do with PR agents, and designers who think they are 'all that' I let them get on with it, do my job, let the garden do the talking!!!!!
Love doing shows but a lot of garden divas :-((

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