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A brilliant article Phil. Thanks for highlighting this issue. As i get more involved in SEO for my own site i am constantly coming across more and more things that annoy google. You have to tread carefully that is for sure.

Hi Phil,
I've just this minute received my first email on this very subject. Interesting to then read this. Thanks for the advice.

Google does not like link selling. I read somewhere that the Google search enginge looks for genuine popularity whatever that means. I can only asume they mean popularity not paid for or bought. I am always getting emails from people that want to guest blog.and I just ignore them

Hello Landscape Juice
Nice write up and thank you for linking to my article about this. I personally think that all external links should be nofollow unless you endorse or sponsor the website your linking to.

That being said, bloggers don't necessarily know HTML so are unlikely to know the difference between a followed and nofollowed link.

Interflora weren't buying links, the issue was that they were using their products in order for others to write a review about them and link back to their website.

This tactic was more natural than simply buying links but the bottom line is that it was unethical link-building.

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