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Absolutely bang on! Whilst a silviculturist my work places me In the landscaping industry and I love this industry as such it saddens and angers me to see it manipulated, whilst ignoring science. I enjoy a good income because I work in place where there is no wall erected by any organisation from progressing along the right route. My peers in the UK are thwarted by an organisation that claims to speak on their behalf, but doesn't - it merely spends so much time on PR as to look as such and uses the disenfranchisement of the industry as a whole to their advantage. Enough is enough! The landscaping industry should be, could be at the forefront of a green economy, but is stifled by the malfeasant spiel from the HTA, APL and some others. Why can't they take a leaf out of the Arb Associations book (or rather journal) and actually contribute to the science also? But given their recent it is perhaps a very good thing they don't.

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