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Fantastic. Every admiration for what you have done and hope you can get the French gardening.

Please continue to Blog your experiences for us all

Well done to the both of you, a great challenge which I'm sure you'll make an excellent success of.


A great blog!

Knowing both Debbie & John and having worked with John,I can't recommend them highly enough. If you're in France you just have to go and see their nursery and support them. If you're in the UK get ready for their mail order service!!

I will certainly be making a visit at some point...I promise :)

Congrats to you both xx

Hello Debbie & John,
I found your website looking for a specimen Corylus Cobnut for a client.
I am a Garden Designer & Horticulturist based in Cirencester, England. However the clients live near Agen, France.
I met with the clients at Dobbies Garden Centre, Cirencester where I am based as a Horticultural Advisor. The clients were looking to purchase a 'Cobnut' to back to their home of 14 years in southwest France, where they enjoy growing various nut producing trees.
I assured them I would source a local supplier, could you help? If so I have permission to share the fellow expats details with you.
I am personally very impressed you made the move to set up your plant nursery abroad.
Kind Regards,
Gardens by Helena
[email protected]
Designer & Horticulturist

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