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Sodium Chlorate is for sale on ebay right now!! £29.99 how wrong is that

Why was sodium chlorate banned ?
Just wondered

Actually the EU decision to ban sodium chlorate and many other chemicals was controversial. Yes, it's toxic and hazardous, but how far do you go to protect people from their stupidity? At least before the ban the product was properly identified and carried warning labels. Now you have people, much like myself, that loved the effectiveness of this chemical for killing weeds going online to find 'illegal' sources of sodium chlorate; much like I go online to find 'illegal' sources of incandescent lightbulbs that are destroying the planet a bulb at a time. Every time I press the light switch, every time I start my V8 engined car, a whale dies and a polar bear goes hungry. I'm an eco-criminal.

Just because a government bans something doesn't mean they are good and righteous.

10,000 years ago, there was about a mile of Ice above the UK and a chunk of Europe. That Ice melted due to natural global warming, - (There being no cars/lorries or any humans about in gaz guzzlers).

Sodium Chlorate in granular form was regularly used by an Irish Terrorist organisation in the manufacture of bombs, - that is the real reason why it was banned by the faceless folks who now control our country from expensive offices in Brussels.

Sodium Chlorate was the only weedkiller that actually worked! Man is not killing the planet, it will be here long after mans extinction.

great story! I've been struggling to find Sodium Chlorate and you have helped me find ot from a coupe of sellers on Amazon! Whould never of thought to search for it so blatently :-) You have helped me kill all my weeds! Keep up the good work.

Remember this when you vote at the referendum.

There's little wrong with using Sodium Chlorate. It does the job of killing weeds if used carefully and selectively. The weak link is the user, but as an earlier comment suggests, the faceless busy bodys in Brussels are hell bent on spoon feeding us all and running our lives by remote control.
ps Terrorists probably have ready access to commercial explosives such as C4 and Semtex so don't need to rely on garden chemicals any more !!

Doug - I'm pretty sure the IRA used ammonium nitrate fertiliser - much more potent and available to this day in one ton bags from agricultural suppliers. I think the terrorists they worry about aren't Irish.

And glyphosphate is really much safer for people - now turning up in the food chain. Lovely!

The sheer Stupidity of banning a dangerous product only to replace it with something even more dangerous.

For the ecocriminal above - next time you buy a tungsten bulb just think about the saving made in not having to dispose of all those highly toxic energy saving bulbs. Any benefits of energy savers are far outweighed by the cost of safe disposal. Madness!

Find myself hunting out a source for sodium chlorate even though I know it's banned - and the hell with regulations. It's for my shingle driveway which has been there for decades & will remain for decades. Nowhere near a water source.
For years sodium chlorate did the job, one application kept the weeds at bay for a couple of years or more and harmed nobody and nothing. Since the ban I've spent a fortune, and plenty of my time, on every weedkiller on the market and not one of them does a half-decent job.
Damn the petty eureaucrats.

Please can you advise what the dilution ratio for the sodium chlorate solution which I have bought. I can advise it is being used in a non-EU country as a weed-killer on a driveway.

The EU sodium chlorate ban has something to do with one or more UK MPs who were in government at the time now being on the board of Monsanto...who manufacture Chlorate's only main alternative. Go figure.

The excuse that Sodium Chlorate was banned because it could be used as an explosive is totally wrong although the IRA did use it occasionally but it needed a trigger anyway!

In any case for those years when motorways were being constructed at around 50 to 100 miles a year every 'Irish paddy' must have known about a nitrogen based fertilizer and diesel fuel which was more effective. So why pick on poor old sodium chlorate which was sold for many years in garden shops but with an inhibitor in it to prevent use for fireworks and bomb making?

What is so good about sodium chlorate is that it kills the ground for a few months such that weeds are unable to grow whereas things like Weedol are neutralised by the soil which is fine for some applications by no good if you have a gravel driveway! If you want the weedkiller to last it is sodium chloride every time.

I recently obtained a small quantity by careful use of the internet but it enters the UK from overseas (not an EU nation by the way!). I have also discovered only minutes ago that I can purchase it in the UK provided I buy 25kg.

There can be little doubt that this was just another one of those EU laws which enabled some US commercial interest to flourish, while Britain being the EU's prize mug follows all EU laws to the letter, and actually gold plates a few rules too.

Roll on independence day and at least relinquish the source of corruption we will never have control over.

Lost when told shops lstop ed selling it

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