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Thank you for the use of the word, 'ethical'.

My team is legal, insured, experienced, we pay payroll taxes on them, worker's comp, and unemployment insurance.


Too often, at residential sites, homeowner will pull full/partial from the team asking them to, "Oh, please throw out that pile of old debris, pull these weeds..." Not realizing our bid is only for the work guaranteed to be performed, zero extra.

Worse than taking money from our pocket for the 'extra' time , the flow of the job is invariably affected. Sometimes by a day, then you add rain, and a Friday within this, and there will be zero catching up, days added to the job.

Have told my general contractor that we must put this into our bid. Only work in the bid to be performed unless there is a change order.

Bottom line? Too often, a homeowner taking our team off-mission can cost thousands of 'unseen' dollars. We cannot eat this loss anymore. The world has changed too greatly.

Sadly, the cost of plants in USA does not reflect their true cost to grow/sell, due to cheap, illegal, immigrant labor.

My team is worth every penny.

Garden & Be Well , XO Tara

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